Acupuncture point location with a plastic ACI locator

Acupuncturist's Precision Tool

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We know you will enjoy your custom ACI locator. Each order is made by hand.

Muir Ferdun LAc MAcOM

Tenzin ACI Locators

Welcome to our store!

Designed by an acupuncturist and a rocket engineer (the Tenzin's).

Based on a device created in the 1970's by one of the pioneers in our field (the Newman ACI Locator) which was no longer manufactured after his death.

Tested by acupuncturists world wide since 2015.

Buy with confidence knowing this tool is simply the best available.

What is an Acupuncture ACI Locator? This is a professional tool for quickly and accurately locating any measured acupoint on the limbs, abdomen, back, or head. No more guesswork or imprecise finger measuring. Get better results because you are locating points correctly.

Made by hand in Portland, OR, by Muir Ferdun LAc MAcOM. I am proud to be offering an ACI locator that is accurate, durable, and will last a lifetime. I take great pride in my work and want you to be 100% satisfied. And, you will be....guaranteed or your money back!

You can expect years of trouble-free operation from this professional tool. If your ACI Locator ever needs a tune-up or repair, please contact us and we will repair for a small fee.

Be in touch!

"Incredible quality, great customer service. I even bought a wood one."

-Student in New York-

"Purchased a Delrin ACI absolutley love it."

-Teacher, Boulder Colorado-

"I refer all my colleagues and students their way. They work tirelessly to make us happy with the ACI's."

-Practitioner in Norway-

" I wish I hadn't waited! These ACI's are super high quality and far surpass the quality of the previous ACI Locator I owned. They answered all my questions and guarantee their work. The locator arrived within one week!" 

-Student in Florida-

Thank You

We make each ACI locator by hand, and will ship within a few days of your order. We are a small business so please be patient. We ship from Portland, OR, USA. International orders will take longer to arrive due to Customs.